Mobile disinfection of surfaces and persons

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The devices are portable and mobile. The manufacture of disinfection devices is certified according to ISO 9001. With our technology, we can greatly increase the health protection of your employees, customers and clients. With disinfectants, you can be more confident in killing bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus COVID – 19. The high effectivity of the spray disinfection depends on the disinfectant.

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Disinfection equipment

How does the disinfection device work?
The disinfectant spray device creates a fine aerosol mist that disinfects objects.

We provide:

Complete delivery of disinfection equipment

Operator training

Warranty / post-warranty service

Delivery of disinfectant according to your needs is provided by a company engaged in the production and distribution of disinfectants

Professional approach

We are one of the few manufacturers engaged in the development and production of disinfection equipment at a highly professional level. We are ready to respond to the requirements of new situations. The advantage of our equipment is the high efficiency of disinfection..


Professional quality

The device is made in high quality with an emphasis on ergonomics...

Eco-friendly products

We also use recycled materials to protect the environment

RevolPro products in practice

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